HUGE WIN: Gov. DeSantis Announces Four Step Plan To Secure Elections!


Florida Republican Governor Ron Desantis on Wednesday urged the state legislature to take steps to secure elections in the state of Florida through a four-step plan.

From his West Palm Beach press conference, Governor DeSantis listed four key steps that will ensure election integrity in his state. This comes ahead of the midterm elections of 2022.

The state of Florida is already ahead of many other states in terms of conducting safe and secure elections. It is already mandatory in the state to have a voter ID in order to cast a vote and practices like ballot harvesting are already banned. Along with bans on campaign funding loopholes that are infamously used by big-tech executives are already part of Florida’s election security measures.

But Governor Desantis believes safeguards should be strengthened further and is urging the state legislature to take additional steps in the next session to secure the elections further.

The First Step in this new DeSantis proposal is creating a new law-enforcement branch, the office of election crimes and security to be “solely dedicated to investigating and prosecuting election fraud.” This will include special investigators and sworn-in law enforcement officers.

“What will happen is, if someone’s ballot harvesting, you report it to these people, and this is their sole job,” he said.

The second step in this proposal involves making ballot harvesting a third-degree felony. As of right now, this practice is already illegal and a misdemeanor. But will be enhanced to a third-degree felony as stated in this proposal.

The third step is cleaning the voter rolls. “the problem is, there is no time limits on when they have to do it. So we’re going to impose time frames where supervisors of elections must clean their voter rolls of ineligible voters” the governor added in this proposal.

The fourth and final step in this proposal involves cracking down on ballot drop boxes. crackdown on ballot drop boxes. “You are going to now be in a situation where if you see if somebody brings a stack of ballots and they’re stuffing them in a drop box, you have a place that will field these complaints and immediately be able to investigate,” he concluded.

These measures if passed by the state legislature, will make Florida elections one of the most secure elections in the country.

What do you make of Governor DeSantis’ crackdown on voter fraud? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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