Gov Abbott To Biden DOJ: “In Texas, It’s Easier To Vote But Harder To Cheat”

Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott seems to stand firm against the Biden Justice Department lawsuit which is trying to undermine the state’s new voter integrity laws.

“Bring it. The Texas election integrity law is legal. It INCREASES hours to vote. It does restrict illegal mail ballot voting. Only those who qualify can vote by mail. It also makes ballot harvesting a felony. In Texas it is easier to vote but harder to cheat.”

The governor tweeted last week responding to a Texas Tribune article that outlines the DOJ’s attempt to undermine the LoneStar state’s new voter id laws.

The new laws in question are effectively restricting mail-in voting among other provisions attempting to prevent voter fraud that is leading to election rigging in several instincts.

Along with restricting mail-in voting, the law adds new restrictions and makes voters mandatory to identify themselves, and makes practices like ballot harvesting a felony.

Biden’s Department of Justice is now arguing that the Texas law makes it harder for minorities to cast votes and characterizes it as a “history of discrimination against voters with disabilities.”

It seems like Governor Abbott is standing firm on his stances to make elections secure by restricting mail-in voting and other shady practices that have been observed in several recent elections.

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