Trump Holds Telephone Rally For Youngkin To Fight “Radical Left”

It was recently reported by Fox News that former President Donald Trump spoke with supporters in Virginia via a “tele-rally” on Monday evening right before the critical Virginia governor race, encouraging his “great, giant, beautiful base” to vote for Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin.

“This is your chance to break the grip on the radical Left, that they have on the commonwealth,” Trump said in the phone call. “You can send a very strong message to Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, AOC plus three. You’ve got to send a message to this really corrupt media.”

Denver Gazette went on to report that “He’s a fantastic guy,” Trump said of Youngkin on the call. “I’ve gotten to know him so well and our relationship is great. The fake news media would like to say something else because they’d like our big, giant, beautiful base, like there’s never been before, to not vote as much as they’re going to.”

“Glenn Younkin has had an enormously successful career in business as most of you know, running a very incredible company that employed hundreds of people,” Trump said. “He’ll be on your taxes and keeping them low. They’re going to raise them through the sky. And he’ll make Virginia really the envy of the world. You’ll watch, and he’ll be able to do it and won’t even be that hard.”

Fox then went on to report that the former president turned to education, arguably the key issue in the race. 

He called McAuliffe an “apologist” for critical race theory, noting that the Democrat is now “trying to get out of it because he sees what it’s doing” to his poll numbers. 

Trump quoted McAuliffe’s infamous statement from a September debate: “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

“That means all of those school boards… are listening to a lot of angry parents,” the former president noted. “We don’t want that. We want there to be harmony and peace.”

Trump concluded by warning that the far-Left aims to “literally abolish the suburbs as you know them today,” by banning single-family housing. 

He encouraged Virginians to vote for Youngkin and Republicans “up and down the ballot.”

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