HUGE WIN: Texas Pro-Life Bill Reduces Abortions By 50% Since September!

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Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court approved Texas’ “Fetal Heartbeat” bill in September, that effectively bans all abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy, which is typically when fetal’s heartbeat is first detected, the abortion rates in the lone star state have dropped down to 50 percent according to Texas Policy Evaluation Project (TERP)

The controversial pro-life law was the source of massive outrage in the liberal media and Hollywood who claimed that it would “set women’s rights back for decades” however, a recent poll from the University of Houston and Texas Southern University shows over 55% of Texans in favor of this pro-life bill.

The SCOTUS ruled 5-4 in favor of this bill in September which was celebrated by all pro-life organizations and provides great hope for the Roe V. Wade ruling that is supposed to take place later this year.

Many are speculating that thanks to the conservative majority in the Supreme Court, Roe V. Wade can finally be overturned this year.

With this law, Texas has successfully found a way to support the pro-life movement and significantly reduce the immoral practice of abortion and has also created a blueprint for other red states to follow and shape pro-life legislation in their states.

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