MUST WATCH: CNN MELTDOWN Over “Let’s Go Brandon” Chants!

Source: CNN

The snowflakes at CNN seem to be greatly disturbed by the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme that is trending across the country mocking “The most popular president in U.S. history”

So much so that CNN’s morning show “New Day” dedicated two segments this week complaining about the joke and how people are chanting the phrase to mock Joe Biden and his administration.

The CNN morning show began with the panelists expressing their outrage over the phrase. They started their whining by targeting South Carolina Republican Congressman Jeff Duncan who was recently seen wearing a “Let’s Go Brandon” mask following the mask mandate enforced by Speaker Pelosi.

Co-host Brianna Keilar started with the complaining, “You have a member of the House wearing this on the floor!”

Then, guest Maggie Haberman of The New York Times joined in and as usual, started blaming it on former president Trump for this rising trend.

“I think it’s a, a natural evolution from where we’ve been going over most of this past year, which has been basically, you know, whatever committee the Biden folks hoped was going to be there in Congress, you know, hoping that the fever, quote, unquote, as they put it, was going to break after Trump was not going to break. That Trump has these die-hard supporters, and there are people who, frankly, are not in Congress at this point to legislate. They’re in Congress to troll. And they’re in Congress to get attention, and they’re in Congress to, to, you know, basically attack and not to do something that involves working with other lawmakers. And, and that’s what you see.

I mean, this is not — there’s nothing serious about this. This is literally done so that he will get attention. And it’s working. It’s just that it involves being on the House floor, which once upon a time was supposed to be something more of, a respected space, and a space that was treated differently. And as we saw on January 6th, there are plenty of people who don’t see it that way.”

They seemed outraged that a “sitting member of congress” can wear a mask calling out their preferred president. Of course, if it were otherwise, a democrat wearing an anti-Trump mask, they would celebrate that and would go out of their way to promote that.

Then, CNN commentator John Avlon during the 8 am hour joined to express his outrage and labeled the trend as “unpatriotic” and shared his experience of melting down to a guy on a beach with a “F**k Biden” sign.

“This chant is getting mainstreamed. I went to the beach the other day with my kids. There was a guy with his jeep parked on the beach with a flag flying that says ‘F Joe Biden.’ I walked by and I shook my head. I said ‘look there are kids here.’ He said ‘what it is man? It’s a free country last time I checked.’ The mainstreaming of chant that is actually about F the president of the United States is not patriotic. It is trollish. There is absolute free speech, folks can do what they want. When members of congress are bringing in that kind of language, you can’t then repair and talk about the need for civility and respecting a president when he’s from your party.”

Source: CNN

What do you make of this CNN meltdown over the “Lets Go Brandon” chants? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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