GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Southwest Lost $75M Over Mass Cancellations!

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The infamous Southwest Airlines strike because of Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate has cost the company $75 million.

“Our active (versus inactive) and available staffing fell below plan and, along with other factors, caused us to miss our operational on-time performance targets, and that created additional cost headwinds,” said Gary Kelly, the company’s CEO in a statement.

“Staffing challenges along with a surge in COVID-19 cases that dented demand for air travel resulted in a revenue hit of $300 million” he added.

This comes after the airlines canceled thousands of flights for almost a week which lead to a transportation disaster. This was just a week after the company announced vaccine mandates for all its employees.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the company denied allegations of vaccine mandates leading to a mass protest by its employees and blamed it on “bad weather” instead which apparently just affected the Southwest flights.

The president of the Atmosphere Research Group Henry Harteveldt condemned Gary Kelly’s explanation and blaming on “bad weather”

“For Southwest, to say ‘The dog ate my homework’ is ridiculous,” he told The New York Post, referring to the airline’s efforts to blame air traffic control problems in Jacksonville.

“Gary Kelly can’t blame others for the faults of Southwest Airlines. This clearly reflects a failure to anticipate and plan for operational disruptions, and clearly illustrates the airline’s lack of adequate strategies and programs to recover from these disruptions,” he added.

Arthur Wheaton, an expert in airline industries at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations said in an interview “They don’t have enough wiggle room to handle a small hiccup in the system”

This mass strike by pilots, cabin crew, and other Southwest employees is a great example of how regular everyday people can disrupt a public company leading to millions worth of loss.

People who refuse to comply with Biden’s tyrannical mandates are the real patriots fighting for what this country stands for!

What do you make of Southwest Airlines’ loss over this time? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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