WATCH:”F*ck Joe Biden”; Brandon Seems Popular At Ole Miss-LSU Game

It was reported by the Daily Caller that Fans at the Ole Miss/LSU games busted out into a massive anti-Joe Biden chant Saturday. During the huge win for the Rebels, fans in Oxford started chanting “F**k Joe Biden,” and it’s the latest example of fans showing their displeasure with the President.

Find the video here! went on to report that Ole Miss won on the field and in the stands, as their fans belted out what has become a common chant at college football games this year.

College towns, even in deep-red parts of the South, are bastions of liberal indoctrination and woke cancel culture. So, to see the anti-46 chant “F*ck Joe Biden” chant and its other, tamer cousin, “Let’s Go, Brandon,” spread so far and fast across the college football landscape, shows just how deeply felt the contempt for this president is.

Here are some other noteworthy examples of the “FJB” chant at college football games:


Fans in Atlanta preferred the more family-friendly “LGB,” but we all know what they really meant:

“FJB” even made its way onto the Fox ALCS postgame show in deep blue Boston:

Watch that here!

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