Kamala Harris gives speech on Build Back Better agenda, INTERUPTED by SHOUTING man

While giving a speech about the ‘Build Back Better’ agenda, Vice President Kamala Harris was interrupted by a man in the audience who stood up and began yelling about the infrastructure failure in New York. This comes after several deaths resulted from Hurricane Ida.

During Harris’ speech, she blamed the infrastructure in New York for the drowning deaths of 13 individuals in Queens and the ‘Build Back Better’ agenda for turning things around (New York Post). She had begun talking about some of the elements, such as being better for the climate and supporting working families when she was interrupted. “Eight families drowned here in Queens. It could have been prevented if we had the right infrastructure,” he yelled, referring to the deaths last month. Eleven of the deaths were people who lived in basement apartments.

The vice president was seemingly unbothered by the interruption, responding, “You are right, brother.” “I am right!” he responded angrily, before continuing on his rant. She promised to talk with him one-on-one afterwards if she could continue speaking. He then began to shout about China’s Belt and Road Initiative, before being ushered away by Secret Service Agents.

Reports show that New York City officials already knew about the dangers of extreme flooding for basement apartments. Further, a new city flood plan developed earlier this year included sending an alert about flooding to those in basement apartments- but it won’t take effect until 2023.

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