Poll finds only 45% of New Hampshire Democrats want to see President Biden in 2024 primaries

A recent poll of likely Democrats in New Hampshire found that 45% would like to see the president run unopposed, a statistic higher than it was a few months ago.

The University of New Hampshire conducted a survey to see who people hoped would be running in the next presidential election. The results of the survey varied from the same questions asked earlier this year. In July of this year, the poll found that 49% of likely Democrat voters in New Hampshire would vote for President Joe Biden if he ran again. This month, the number had dropped to 37%. However, in July, 29% said they wanted to see Biden run unopposed while 45% said the same thing this month.

Out of New Hampshire residents as a whole, only 34% have a “favorable” opinion of him, with 53% having an “unfavorable” opinion of him, 13% being neutral, and 1% not knowing what to say. The poll was taken this month between October 14 and 18 and had 1,061 respondents, giving a plus or minus 3% margin points. There were 427 respondents for the likely Democrat voters, giving a plus or minus 4.7%.

Republican voters were also sought out. In July 47% of voters wanted Donald Trump to win again. The number dropped 4% this month, for a result of 43%. This comes at a time when Biden’s ratings have never been lower. On October 14, the Zogby Poll released Biden’s performance ratings. The poll showed he had a 36% approval rating, with 15% responding “excellent” and 21% responding good. This means he has a 61% negative rating, including 19% saying “fair” and 42% saying “poor”. So far, Bident’s presidency has been racked with turmoil and division between parties.

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