California teacher placed on leave after MOCKING Native American culture

After a video went viral of a teacher dancing around pretending to be a Native American for the sake of teaching a lesson, she was placed on administrative leave.

A Riverside, California teacher was teaching her students about trigonometric functions by making a mockery of Native American culture to seemingly make the lesson more fun. She has received widespread backlash from people who have seen the video. One of the students in the class filmed the scene and posted it online. It has since gained millions of views. It depicts the teacher wearing a headband with feathers that look to be made of paper, in resemblance to a Native American headdress (CBS).

She is seen jumping around and yelling “Soh-cah-toa”, which has long been used to help students remember the trigonometric functions sine, cosine, and tangent. She also “prayed” to a “rock god” and “water goddess”, as well as engaging in “tomahawk chopping” while moving around the room.

The Riverside Unified School District received pressure to discipline John W. North High School teacher once the video went viral. The teacher, confirmed to be Candice Reed, has been placed on administrative leave. The district releases a statement saying they did not condone or support Reed’s actions and are “committed to implementing inclusive actions”.

Another statement was released this week following a district board meeting, in which the district announced they were investigating the situation. During the board meeting, a young Native American student spoke about the situation and how it affected her. It was posted to Instagram by Akaleu Brown, an Indigenous woman and business owner in the area. Despite the district’s condemnation of the actions, the school has released yearbook photos dating back to 2012, showing that Reed has been doing this for years and was never disciplined.

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