LET’S GO BRANDON Song Is Now Number One Trending On Apple Music!

A recently released viral rap song “Let’s Go Brandon” is becoming so popular that even the left-leaning big-tech platforms can’t stop the music from reaching the top charts.

The song has become so popular that it is trending at number one on Apple Music’s Hip Hop charts and number two in iTunes “top 100 pop songs” chart just behind Adele’s “Easy On Me”

Rapper Loza Alexander decided to produce a dope music track from the popular internet meme “Let’s Go Brandon” the phrase commonly known as a family-friendly way of saying “F**k Joe Biden”

This meme song is now so popular that it is used in all kinds of memes on TikTok and has millions of plays on Apple Music and Spotify.

The song has a base of the “Let’s Go Brandon” phrase from the NBC Sports reporter who tried to spin the “Fk Joe Biden” chants on a live broadcast. With actual “Fk Joe Biden” chants that are being heard all across the country especially at college football events.

What do you think of this music track and it getting a top spot on all music streaming platforms within weeks? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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