Top Democrats campaigning for McAuliffe in effort to increase black voter support in Virginia amid REALLY CLOSE race

During a Virginia governor race, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe is making a pitch to black voters in the state and had support over the weekend from Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (CBS News). 

On Sunday Stacey Abrams urged Black churchgoers to vote for Terry McAuliffe in the next month’s election. McAuliffe went out to other churches and led a rally with Abrams in front of an early voting station. On Friday First Lady Jill Biden campaigned with him. Former Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms also visited three churches in Richmond.

Vice President Kamala Harris also sent in a video for over 300 churches across Virginia to view for the next two weeks prior to the election. Former President Barack Obama is coming this week to support McAuliffe (AP News). 

McAuliffe told the various congregations he campaigned at that if he became governor, he would increase funding for education and advocate for former felons and others who had been removed from the right to vote, to have that right restored. As McAuliffe and Abrams campaigned together, Abrams stated “voting is an act of faith…I need you to do the job.”

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