GOP lawmakers claim national popular vote proposal would give big cities ‘VETO POWER’ over Michigan

GOP lawmakers are in opposition to a bill in Michigan that could make Michigan’s electoral votes to go to a candidate that wins the popular vote in presidential elections. 

Last week fifty-seven members of the Michigan House and Senate signed a join letter to state their opposition to the National Popular Vote Initiative (mlive).  The lawmakers expressed this proposal would permanently disenfranchise voters in the state and cause Michigan to cast votes for whoever wins the national popular vote. Under the current system in place, the candidate with a majority of the 538 total electoral votes wins over the national popular vote. 15 states and the District of Columbia have enacted similar national popular vote legislation.

The proposal for the national popular vote is led by former Michigan Republican Party chair Saul Anuzis and former Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer. They believe tying the electoral votes to the popular vote will give states the opportunity to be relevant in all election cycles.

The Michigan Freedom Fund praised those who signed the letter in opposition, so states like Michigan are not disenfranchised by other parts of the country. This type of proposal would give larger states more power over smaller states. The letter expressed how “this proposal would give big cities on the East and West Coast veto power over voters in Michigan. It would give them veto power over your vote, your children’s votes and grandchildren’s votes.”

The petition still needs to go through the state’s process, which means approval from the Michigan Board of Canvassers is necessary before the committee could start to collect signatures.

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