Former President Donald Trump Suing The January 6 Committee; National Archives

It was reported earlier today by Politico that Donald Trump is suing the Jan. 6 select committee and the National Archives to block the release of his White House’s records related to the Capitol attack.

The former president’s lawyers filed the 26-page suit in D.C. district court on Monday, declaring the committee’s investigation “a vexatious, illegal fishing expedition.” It names the Jan. 6 panel’s chair, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), and the national archivist, David Ferriero, along with the committee and the archives themselves. Trump’s legal team contends that the Jan. 6 panel’s push for voluminous records from his administration — such as his internal communications with lawyers, campaign operatives and senior officials — would shatter the notion of executive privilege. In their suit, Trump’s lawyers ask a federal judge to invalidate the entire request from the select committee, to block the Archives from turning over any materials to Congress in response to the request, and to specifically block the Archives from turning over any documents that Trump says are covered by executive privilege.

CBS News went on to report that the lawsuit cites several of the requests of the committee, including its request for “all documents and communications related to prepared public remarks and actual public remarks of Donald Trump” between November 3, 2020, and January 20, 2021. 

“Issued public statements are one thing, but the notion that Congress is somehow entitled to ask for and review any and all private conversations, remarks, or drafts of public statements considered by the President of the United States and his close advisors, without limitations on (among other things) subject matter, would destroy the very fabric of our constitutional separation of powers and invade fundamental privileges designed to maintain the autonomy and functioning of the Executive Branch,” the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit also takes issue with the request for for “[a]ll documents and communications within the White House on January 6, 2021 relating in any way to” the president, the vice president, over two dozen of the highest-ranking officials in the federal government and members of Congress. The lawsuit alleges the committee is “no way entitled” to these records. 

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