Country music star Aaron Lewis who recently made headlines for inciting “F**k Joe Biden chants at one of his concerts, is back with more based takes.

Unlike most celebrities, Lewis is very open about his beliefs and expresses his “controversial” views not fearing the cancel culture that has plagued the entertainment world recently.

At his recent concert in Texas Trust CU Theatre in Grand Prairie on October 7, he briefly spoke to his audience about how we have allowed the evil powers to grab a ridiculous amount of control during the COVID pandemic.

“We’re going to look back on this timeframe in history and wonder how we were allowed, how we allowed such ridiculousness to happen in this country, in this world,” Lewis said at his concert.

“See, I liked American history in school. I paid close attention in that class. Yeah, but didn’t we all pay attention? Because if we all paid attention in our fking history classes, we would know that the Democrats are responsible for every fking scar that exists on this country. Let’s go through history, shall we real quick? Every American Indian massacre, every fking slave aside from eight that was ever owned in this fking country was owned by fking Democrats. Every segregational law, every racist law, every Jim Crow law, every fking KKK meeting was done by the Gd dmn Democrats. Can we please embrace history so we don’t f**king repeat it? Please?!” He added.

This brave and powerful speech is making rounds on the internet, outraging liberals who are again trying to cancel Lewis for speaking the truth against the establishment.

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