Loudoun County School Board Member Resigns Amid Sexual Assault Cover-Up Scandal!

Beth Barts, a Loudoun County School Board member announced her resignation from the school board last week, just a day after reports of the school board’s failure to report several sexual assault allegations in the district for years.

Luke Rosiak did an investigative report on The Daily Wire revealing that many public schools in Louden County covered up a sexual assault allegation in a school bathroom. The victim’s father was arrested during the school board meeting. And many unhinged leftists attacked the father and smeared him as a “domestic terrorist” for trying to speak at the school board meeting.

Upon her resignation, Barts released a public statement saying: “I am grateful to have had a role in empowering students to achieve academic and personal success in supportive and most importantly inclusive school environments. I am especially proud to have participated in helping steer the Loudoun County School System through the uncharted waters of educating students throughout a global pandemic, though not an easy task, I remained committed to doing what was best for all of Loudoun County Public School students and staff.”

She continues to deny several allegations regarding the coverup of multiple sexual assault allegations.

The Dailywire report revealed that the county’s push for “gender fluid” washrooms has been responsible for these multiple assault cases that were later covered up by the school board.

Barts has a history of sympathizing with radical left-wing ideas. Back in March, she was censured by the school board for bullying parents and community members who disagreed with her.

The school board chairwoman Brenda Sheridan responded to Barts’ resignation by saying: “[Barts] failed to put student interest first … to show respect for fellow board members and staff in a spirit of harmony and cooperation … to welcome and encourage active cooperation of Loudoun County residents in the district … [and] to work in the spirit of teamwork in service to the community,”

What do you make of Barts’ surprisingly random resignation just a day before the DailyWire investigative report was published? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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