Video shows armed individual leading ILLEGAL immigrant across Southern border

Journalist Jorge Ventura reportedly was confronted by an armed human trafficker guiding a man who paid him to take him into the United States while reporting along the southern border in Arizona.

“While reporting this morning at the Yuma sector,” wrote Ventura, “I encountered an armed human smuggler being paid by a migrant.” In Spanish, the man approached Ventura and began asking questions. “He asked who I was then told me put my phone on the ground while [his] hand was on his gun, I turned around and ran back to the border wall.”

Ventura, who was reporting for The Daily Caller, also captured video of the encounter. The trafficker and his client are seen slowly walking toward Ventura. As they get closer, the man begins shouting for Ventura to put his phone down. The video abruptly ends as the man places his hand on his pistol, which is when Ventura says he ran back to the border wall.

Currently the United States seems on pace to see over 2 million illegal immigrants apprehended at the southern border this year, having already crossed 1 million in June of this year (National File).

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