HUGE WIN: Biden Admin To Restore President Trump’s Policy!

As the Biden Administration’s border policy is failing with record-breaking illegal migrants crossing the Southern Border every day along with many other policies that have lead to serious crisis and exposed the administration’s incompetence, they’re planning on restoring President Trump’s successful “remain in Mexico” program by mid-November.

In August, a federal judge had ordered the administration to restore President Trump’s very successful policy amid the 21-year monthly highs with 1.5 million arrests in fiscal 2021 because of Joe Biden.

The Remain in Mexico policy that President Trump introduced during his administration lead to one of the most secure borders in US history. It required illegal asylum seekers who are now entering via the southern border (from Central America or the Caribbean) to stay in Mexico until US courts review their claims before making a judgment.

Joe Biden ended this policy on the very first day of getting into office with an executive order and welcomed illegal asylum seekers from all over the world which lead to the massive crisis that we are experiencing now.

Several reports also exposed the administration’s unevenly enforced COVID policy. In many Democrat-run states like New York and California, vaccine and mask mandates are heavily enforced for Americans. The Biden Administration has never criticized such tyrannical laws, in some cases, even praised the liberal leadership of such states and cities.

While at the same time, illegal migrants go through no proper testings and are released into the country regardless of their vaccination or COVID status. Essentially welcoming millions into the country.

“We have to comply in good faith and take steps to reinstate this court-ordered [remain in Mexico policy] and we will be doing just that,” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said on Friday.

“DHS has appealed [the court rulings] and announced that it intends to issue a second memorandum terminating [remain in Mexico policy] that intends to address the concerns raised by the courts.”

On Thursday, The Department of Homeland Security released a statement saying “DHS is taking necessary steps to comply with the court order, which requires us to reimplement [the program] in good faith. Mexico is a sovereign nation that must make an independent decision to accept the return of individuals without status in Mexico as part of any reimplementation of [the program].”

What do you think of the Biden Administration coming to its conscious and realizing President Trump’s policy was the most effective at controlling the illegal immigration issue? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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