KELLYANNE CONWAY: ‘People Are Feeling Biden Policies At The Gas Pump’

President Trump’s Former Counselor Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday blasted the Biden administration and its failed policies that are causing a record-breaking rise in gas prices.

“People are now feeling Biden economics at the gas pump and in the grocery cart, and the winter of discontent is coming. They project that our home heating costs will rise as much as 54 percent. The other thing to note here is that under President Trump we had energy independence, a net exporter of oil and natural gas for the first time in our history.” She said during an interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity

“Now in addition to the poor policies leading to higher costs for consumers, particularly middle-class and lower income consumers, we have on top of that $630 billion and $3.5 BIden-Bernie package to prop up the Green New Deal which nobody wanted last time. One more thing. When you think about energy Independence it also comes with jobs. It comes with things that are made in America.” She added.

She pointed out how Joe Biden killed the Keystone XL pipeline while at the same time approving the Nordstream 2 in Europe, essentially colluding directly with Russia.

During President Trump’s Administration, America was energy independent for the first time and his policies lead to several record-breaking employment numbers and the economy was also setting all-time-high records every other week. Quite contrary to the Biden era where it’s in a very weak shape.

Source: Hannity, Fox News

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