SEEMS SUSPICIOUS…: Two Amtrak trains canceled on Sunday due to ‘unforeseen crew changes’

Amtrak has tweeted that several of their services have either stopped or “coupled together.”

“Train 684 remains stopped north of Wells (WEM) due to an unforeseen crew change. Recrew is en route to the train. Updates to follow as more information becomes available.” They added, “Train 686 is currently stopped south of Dover (DOV). Updates to follow as more information becomes available.”

Amtrak later released updates: Trains 684 & 686 are now in the process of coupling together and will operate as one Train to Boston (BON) due to ongoing delays. Trains 685 and 687 are still delayed in Boston North (BON).

Amtrak recently announced it will require nearly all of its 18,000 employees be fully Vaccinated by Nov. 22. Amtrak wrote the following on their website “Since we believe the vaccine offers the best way to keep our employees and customers safe, Amtrak is requiring that all employees get vaccinated.”

Neither Amtrak nor any unions have confirmed whether the rising number of delays and cancellations are due to the vaccine mandate.

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