Pelosi Says She Thinks “A Lot” About What She Would Do If She “Ruled The World”

The old joke goes that a “Freudian slip” is when you say one thing and mean your mother? No, it’s in fact when you say one thing and mean another.

We may have just caught a glimpse into the fevered and knotted mind of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The Daily Caller recently reported that Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Monday that she frequently thinks about the policies she would enact if she “ruled the world.”

Pelosi delivered a speech at the 67th Annual Session of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Parliamentary Assembly in Lisbon, Portugal, after being named the first recipient of the Women For Peace and Security Award.

“[P]eople ask me, ‘If you ruled the world, what one thing would you do?’ – I think about that a lot,” the House speaker said.

ConservativeBrief went on to report that Pelosi said the following:

“And so when our Founders in our country – Mr. Connelly and my colleagues have heard me say this again and again, at the beginning of America’s revolution, in the dark days of the Revolution – forgive our friends from the UK, they’ve heard me say this – to the time of Revolution, Thomas Paine said, ‘The times have found us,’” she said.

“The times have found us, found them to declare independence, for to war – win a war, established a country. The times found them. Found Lincoln, when he kept our country together. Found our allies in World War II to protect freedom and democracy and to have peace, a peaceful world,” she added.

“Well, not to place ourselves in the category of the greatness of all of those people, but understanding the urgency of the challenges spelled out by the Speaker, by the President, by the Prime Minister, and by all of you coming here for that purpose, the times have found us,” she continued.

“The times have found us to save our democracies. The times they found us to save our planet. The times have found us to ensure that the blessings of liberty and democracy are there, our planet that is intact, as we pass it on to future generations,” she said.

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