INDOCTRINATION: California to REQUIRE students to take ethnic studies course to graduate high school, Newsom announces

California will require its high school students to complete a course in ethnic studies to receive a diploma, starting with the class of 2030.

Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday signed the bill, AB 101, into law, making California among the first states in the nation to designate ethnic studies a graduation requirement for public school students. Public and charter schools in the state will be required to offer at least one ethnic studies course starting in the 2025-2026 school year.

Students will have to take the class on top of other standard gen-ed requirements in English, math, science and social studies. The requirement can be completed through a school’s existing ethnic studies class, a course approved by the University of California and California State University or a locally developed one.

California Assemblyman Jose Medina, a Democrat from Riverside. Medina, who introduced the legislation in 2020, called it a step “in the long struggle for equal education for all students.”

“Thank you Gov. Newsom for signing AB 101. The inclusion of ethnic studies in the high school curriculum is long overdue,” Medina said in a statement. “Students cannot have a full understanding of the history of our state and nation without the inclusion of the contributions and struggles of Native Americans, African Americans, Latinos and Asian Americans.”

According to the bill, the course must meet the following criteria:

  • Be appropriate for use with pupils of all races, religions, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, and diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, pupils with disabilities, and English learners.
  • Not reflect or promote, directly or indirectly, any bias, bigotry, or discrimination against any person or group of persons on the basis of any category protected by Section 220.
  • Not teach or promote religious doctrine.

Newsom additionally signed legislation requiring public schools and colleges to offer free menstruation products in all restrooms.

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