HILARIOUS: German car park to reserve parking spots for LGBT community, migrants

A car park in Germany decided to show its support to the LGBTQ community and migrants by painting a rainbow flag on one of its walls and reserving specific parking spots.

The authorities claim that they reserved parking spots especially for the LGBT drivers and migrants as they have a “special need for protection and security in public spaces,” a local councilor explained. This decision was taken for Hanauer Parkhaus in Hanau of Germany. Three parking spots have been reserved for LGBT and migrant drivers.

The selected parking spots are next to each other and are closer to the exit of the multi-story parking lot. With a rainbow (also known as ‘pride flag’) painted on the back wall, as shown in the picture these spaces are also specifically monitored by security cameras. While authorities hoped this would earn them praises for this act, locals have called them out for alienating these groups.

“Child and old-age poverty, single mothers at their financial limit, pensioners who have to live on bottle deposits and leftovers from garbage cans,” a local tweeted. “But for City Councilor Thomas Morlock in Hanau, there is nothing more important than setting an example for tolerance.”

Another user, Amy Tarkanian, raised a valid question in her tweet about “how will they verify this?” Another user rose to her support by asking the same question. “How do you enforce this? are people now gonna start getting gay licenses as they do for handicap parking spots? ” the user tweeted. Some members of the LGBT community have tried to make the best of it and urged fellow drivers to park in the ‘Diversity Spaces’ whenever they want and show solidarity with the community.

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