UNCONSTITUTIONAL: Biden suggests GETTING RID OF FILIBUSTER to officially suspend debt limit

President Joe Biden floated the idea on Tuesday of using a one-time change to Senate rules to prevent a Republican filibuster in order to suspend the debt limit.

When asked whether he would consider the so-called nuclear option of a filibuster carve out, he said: “I think that’s a real possibility.” The maneuver would allow Democrats to suspend the federal government’s $28.4 trillion borrowing cap without Republican votes. Democrats have the ability to raise the debt ceiling on their own but would require a lengthy congressional process called reconciliation to do so. It would nullify the 60-vote requirement to break a filibuster to raise the debt ceiling, allowing a simple majority to do so instead.

Using reconciliation to raise the debt ceiling could take two weeks. The deadline given by Treasure Secretary Janet Yellen is October 18. Biden on Monday said he couldn’t guarantee the debt ceiling would be raised in time because of “hypocritical, dangerous and disgraceful” Republican opposition.

The implications of failing to raise the debt ceiling are halts to; payment of federal workers, Medicare benefits, military salaries, tax credits, social security checks and payments to federal contractors.

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