BREAKING: Voter Registration For Democrats Loses Lead In Crucial Battleground States

It was reported earlier by that Democrats are getting devastating election news from crucial battleground states that will likely decide the outcome of the 2022 midterms.

A new report reveals that Democrats’ voter registration lead has drastically shrunk in battleground states across the country, leading many to believe a “Red Wave” is coming next November.

It was further reported by Breitbart that:

–In Florida, Democrats are only leading Republicans in voter registration by 24,000. That number has come down substantially from 100,000 in January. When Obama ran for office in 2008, for instance, the state had over 700,000 more registered Democrats.

–Pennsylvania Democrats are also dropping registered voters. In just two years, Republicans have gained nearly 200,000 voters. Democrats currently lead Republicans by 632,000, down from 813,885.

–In North Carolina, the Democrats’ advantage has dropped 140,000 since October 2019. “There are fewer active registered Democrats on the books in North Carolina now than there were six years ago,” The Hill reported.

Steve Schale, a longtime Florida Democratic strategist, is telling Democrats that they could be in huge trouble going forward.

“Without a full-frontal, professional and accountable partisan effort to turn it around, sometime before the end of this year, there will be more Republicans registered in Florida than Democrats,” Schale wrote on his blog.

“That has NEVER happened before. And, given their voters have higher turnout scores — this isn’t a great place to start,” he added.Advertisement

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