“Tony Fauci Worship”; Tucker Carlson Calls Out Left For Bootlicking

There has been a creepy and bizarre veneration from the left of Dr Anthony Fauci. I think that veneration is undeniable, regardless of political fealty.

This veneration has not gone unnoticed. It was recently Tucker Carlson who took aim at the veneration of Fauci on his show.

ConservativeBrief reported that “Fox News host Tucker Carlson sounded off on liberals and their allies in the media for “worshiping” infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci.

During a segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” he called out many media figures for their extreme devotion to Fauci and their willingness to let Fauci dictate their lives.”

The transcript of that monologue shows as follows:

CARLSON: Life is amazing, is it not? If you’d asked Anthony Fauci 60 years ago when he was a student at Holy Cross in Massachusetts whether he would grow up to single-handedly control how Christians celebrate their most beloved holiday, Fauci probably would have assumed you were high, smoking that tea with the beatniks in Greenwich Village, reefer madness. He would have been confused.

At the time, Fauci was studying to become a doctor, not the Pope, and there was a difference then. Little could he have known, back in 1958, that public health would become America’s reigning religion, and he, its High Priest.

But life is like that, you never know where you’re going to end up.

Fast forward to the beginning of last December. Anthony Fauci was 79 years old. His 80th birthday it turns out was Christmas Eve and Fauci was determined to celebrate it with an exhibition of authority flexing that had no precedent in the entire history of the Federal bureaucracy. No one had ever done it before, but Fauci did.

He decided to unilaterally end Christmas, and so one day on NBC News, he did just that. Watch.

After showing a few clips of media figures obsessing over Fauci, Carlson continued:

Drive through affluent neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. to this day and you will see the signs in people’s front yards. “Honk for Dr. Fauci” and “In Dr. Fauci we trust.” And above all, “Thank you, Tony Fauci.” And they really do want to thank him, not for funding the gain-of-function research in Wuhan that created COVID, no, it’s bigger than that.

They are thanking Dr. Fauci for the gift of life which he alone bestows.

What you’re seeing here is Washington’s new religion, it’s Fauciism, so it shouldn’t surprise you that this year once again, our moral leaders are asking Dr. Fauci the very same question, Christmas is coming, can we celebrate it?

Before we go through the hassle of booking plane tickets, renting cars, buying presents for our loved ones, preparing to celebrate the central holiday of the country’s biggest religion, please, let us know, Dr. Fauci. Is it on or off? Have we been naughty or nice? Tell us.

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