GOP FIGHTS BACK: Former special forces soldier and one-time congressional candidate DEFENDS capitol protest, President Donald Trump

On Thursday a former congressional candidate and soldier was arrested in Florida in connection to his role in the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. 

Jeremy Brown is an ex-special forces soldier who was deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan (The Washington Post). Brown ran to become the representative of Florida’s 14th Congressional District in 2020 and was arrested by the FBI for criminal activity with the Capitol riots. Brown used the messaging app Signal to arrange travel plans and points for meetup at the Capitol (The Washington Examiner). 

Brown was identified by a special agent due to his attire at the rally in military gear. Investigators who looked at the photos with other images showed Brown wearing his distinctive attire at the Capitol on the day of the riot. It is noted he was equipped with a helmet, radio and a tactical vest. Brown also had zip ties and “large surgical trauma shears” in a vest pack, according to the court documents. 

It is not clear from court documents if Brown was being represented and as of Friday there is no set court date for Brown as stated by the Department of Justice. More than 600 people have been arrested and charged with crimes that are related to the riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

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