BREAKING: Texas’ Abortion Law Blocked by Federal Judge For Biden Administration

An impression I think, dear reader, has been allowed to form, and perhaps even to coagulate and to congeal and that is that it is only those of us who oppose the systemic extirpation of unborn children that have any explaining to do. I think that is a precept that needs to be challenged from the very beginning.

Well, sadly this depressing and intellectually bereft argument seems to carry weight as far as the federal court system is concerned.

According to TrendingPolitics, A federal judge has ordered Texas to suspend its Heartbeat Act, which has effectively banned most abortions in the state since September. U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman ordered the state to put a temporarily halt on the law, the AP reported, adding that “even with the law on hold, abortion services in Texas may not instantly resume because doctors still fear that they could be sued without a more permanent legal decision.”

“Texas officials are likely to seek a swift reversal from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which previously allowed the restrictions to take effect,” the report added.

“The Justice Department argued the law should be put on hold while the case plays out due to the severe impact it is already having on women, forcing many to drive hundreds or thousands of miles to other states to seek reproductive care — if they have the time and money to do so,” Bloomberg reported.

“The judge didn’t mince words in his ruling, saying Texas law was ‘contrived’ to get around a constitutional right,” Bloomberg Law reported. “He denied Texas’s request to throw out the U.S. Justice Department’s challenge to the law.”

“A person’s right under the Constitution to choose to obtain an abortion prior to fetal viability is well established,” wrote Pitman, an Obama appointee. “Fully aware that depriving its citizens of this right by direct state action would be flagrantly unconstitutional, the State contrived an unprecedented and transparent statutory scheme to do just that.”

In mid-September, a federal judge handed the Biden administration refused to block Texas’ Heartbeat Law, which forbids providers from administering abortions outside of six weeks.

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