Following California Oil Spill, Democrats Predictably Call For Banning

It was reported earlier this week by The Hill that Several California Democrats are calling for limiting or halting offshore drilling in the wake of a major oil spill off the state’s coast this weekend.

The 126,000 gallon spill prompted beach closures and reached coastal wetlands that are home to migratory birds. 

In the wake of the spill, Democrats rebuked offshore drilling and the oil industry, and House Democrats’ campaign arm used it to slam one area Republican. 

Breitbart reported that Local State Sen. Dave Min (D) said in a statement:

The Orange County Oil Spill illustrates once again that offshore oil drilling is a bad deal for Californians. The revenues and jobs created by offshore drilling are miniscule in size compared to the negative economic impacts this creates. We must end all offshore oil drilling along California’s coast, including drilling performed under existing leases. I intend to introduce legislation doing just that.

Rep. Mike Levin (D-CA) declared, ““There is no offshore drilling that is truly safe,” and noted that he had already introduced legislation in Congress to ban all offshore drilling, which would end a significant portion of U.S. production.

Gov. Gavin Newsom added at a press conference on Tuesday in Orange County: “[I]t’s time once and for all to disabuse ourselves that this has to be part of our future. This is part of our past.”

Joel Pollack of Breitbart News closes the Breitbart piece by stating that” As the state has made oil production in California more difficult, including offshore production, California has imported much more of its oil. Oil imports to California have tripled in the last 20 years, despite the proliferation of state-imposed “green” policies. Nearly 60% of the state’s oil comes from foreign sources, which a Forbes analyst recently called a national security threat to the U.S. as a whole.”

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