MUST WATCH: More “F**k Joe Biden” Chants Erupt Nationwide

The popular chant “F**k Joe Biden” trend has no signs of slowing down and is constantly increasing throughout the country. Not just limited to sports venues but during other occasions as well.

One of the most notable chants appeared last week during a live NBC sports broadcast. A large audience started chanting the phrase while reporter Kelli Stavast was interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown on NBC Sports. The reporter tried to spin the story live on air, claiming that the chants were “Let’s go Brandon” and not “F**k Joe Biden”

Following the broadcast, #LetsGoBrandon was trending on Twitter all throughout the weekend and the reporter was roasted all over the internet for attempting to spin the story.

Another instance of this chant was seen at The Penn State University football game where someone blew up a condom with the infamous phrase written on it and released it in the stadium.

Not limited to sports, another instance was seen at an Aaron Lewis concert recently where the Staind singer held up a massive sign during his performance and his fans repeated the same.

Even people living in liberal places seem to be upset with “the most voted president in U.S. History” during a New York Jets game in the liberal state of New Jersey, a crowd was recorded chanting the phrase

Even during a protest in New York City of all places, people are chanting “F**k Joe Biden and (mayor) de Blasio

What do you make of this nationwide support of “the most voted president in American history” Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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