Former NBA coach Stan Van Gundy tried to get into a Twitter argument with Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz last week and it did not go as well as he had imagined. (Just like his career)

The Republican Senator on Wednesday tweeted out support for NBA players who are standing up against tyrannical mandates and unlike most other woke, leftist NBA players, expressing their anti-establishment views in public.

I stand with Kyrie Irving.

I stand with Andrew Wiggins.

I stand with Bradley Beal.

I stand with Jonathan Isaac.

This tweet attracted a ton of liberal outrage. Including one from the now unemployed, former NBA coach Stan Van Gundy who responded to this tweet by adding “Hell just froze over – Ted Cruz standing with black people.”

Accusing the Republican Senator of “racism” with no factual evidence whatsoever. Just like most leftists, who accuse Republicans and anyone who disagrees with them of “racism” to avoid intellectual and civil discussions.

Senator Cruz took this golden opportunity to school the woke coach and other democrat supporters online by adding:

Your party…founded the KKK.

Your party…wrote Jim Crow.

Your party…filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Your party…has a sitting governor (VA) who featured a picture of a Klansman in his yearbook.

Your party…opposes school choice, THE top civil rights issue today.

Leaving the unemployed NBA coach speechless.

Like many others, if you haven’t heard of Stan Van Gundy, he was fired by the New Orleans Pelicans after just one season.

What do you think of Senator Ted Cruz’s comeback and savagely owning the woke coach? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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