New Jersey Democrat Says His Party Could Lose Congress in 2022 If They Don’t “Get Sh*t Done”

Democrat Rep. Tom Malinowski, who is in danger of losing his seat, admitted during a recent virtual event that Democrats may lose their majority in the House if they don’t get their “shit done.”

Breitbart notes that The congressman was asked during the virtual event about the recent polling and the infighting happening in the Democrat party, and what effect that has on President Joe Biden, since his recent polls are tanking across the county, and the Democrats as a whole, as well as the congressional members like Malinowski who are in districts that put them at risk.

The ConservativeBrief reports that “All that stuff is real,” he said in regards to falling poll numbers for President Biden as well as the Democratic Party in general.  He went on to say that “if the election were held right now, I don’t think we would win.”

“We’re the party that delivers [the Republicans are] the party that defaults. I get to go out there and say, you know, some of us get shit done, and some of us are batshit crazy,” he said. “And that’s your choice, and most of my voters, middle of the road pragmatic voters, I think will respond to that message. I can count on [the Republicans] to remain batshit crazy. There’s no question about that.”

“Democrats just need to spend the next couple of weeks getting shit done, and if we can. I think we’ll be in pretty good stead for, for 2022,” he added, in reference to a $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill and a $3.5 trillion spending measure all Republicans oppose.

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