Police HEROES hold funeral for deceased newborn twins found abandoned in Bronx alley

Around 20 NYPD officers, mostly detectives, turned out at Eternity Funeral Service in the Williamsbridge section of The Bronx Saturday for a funeral they arranged in honor of two twin infants found dead after being abandoned in an alley. The police named the twins Zeke and Zane.

“Zeke is short for Ezekiel which means, ‘God’s strength,’ and Zane means ‘God’s Gift,’” said Lt. William O’Toole, a veteran homicide officer who said the twins’ case has impacted all who’ve worked on it. “I have never seen a case like this,” he told The Post. “These were two newborn babies who were full term and then put in garbage bags and thrown in a rat infested backyard. Their little bodies had fractures. This has weighed heavy on every detective that has worked on the case.”

Zeke and Zane were placed in a single white casket, adorned with a bouquet of white flowers and a large blue bow. Blue and white bouquets, balloons, and teddy bears — one white and one blue — sat nearby. Officers and nearby residents paid their respects as children’s songs played throughout the memorial service, which was paid for with New York State Victim Services funds. Six officers, three on each side, carried the casket to a waiting white hearse. Police saluted as it drove off to lay the twins in their final resting place.

Officers have searched high and low for the mother of the identical twins, checking hospitals as far away as New Jersey and Pennsylvania. There is a $12,000 reward for information about the case. “We still work on the case everyday. We are hoping that we can get a DNA match,” said O’Toole.

“We are going on follow up on every tip and hopefully we’d be able to find the mother of these children,” he said, adding, “Why would she do this? What kind of desperate situation was she in? Was she forced to do it? Was she alone? Whatever the situation, we are there to help her.”

The babies were less than 24 hours old when their bodies were discovered last November by a Bronx building super. One of the newborns was partially covered in a pet training pad — with apparent head trauma and his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck — in a janitorial work area on the side of the building. The other was discovered 20 feet away, bound in a black plastic bag with no visible injuries, in the back of the building, sources and the superintendent said [New York Post].

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