SAVAGE Matt Walsh can no longer speak at school board meeting due to LIB new rule—he finds workaround in SAVAGE fashion

A county in Virginia changed their rules in an effort to block Daily Wire host Matt Walsh from speaking at an upcoming meeting. Walsh found a way to work around their new standards by leasing a property in the area.

This comes after Walsh went viral last month after speaking out against COVID policies during a school board meeting in Tennessee (Daily Wire). Walsh also voiced concerns of the Loudoun County School District due to the district imposing “a radical trans policy allowing males access to girls restrooms and teams” while also having to use preferred pronouns of trans students.

The Loudoun County School Board decided to post a press release in response to this to make changes as to who exactly could make public comment at a school board meeting. Those wishing to give comment must include a Virginia driver’s license with Loudoun County residency or utility bill with name and address. It could also include other forms of identification such as rental lease agreement or mortgage.

In response to this change, Walsh rented a home in the area to be able to speak at the meeting and proceeded to tweet about it. This garnered both support and dissenters to what he was doing.

He responded to the dissenters by tweeting: “Lots of people on the Left are telling me that I shouldn’t inject myself into controversies in Loudoun County because I am an outsider.” He also stated, “Funny. You never hear them say that about outsiders protesting abortion laws in Texas. It’s almost like these people are totally full of s***.”

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