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As “F**k Joe Biden” chants emerge at several college football events across the country, proving the historic low popularity of the Biden administration, there are other instances that prove Americans are not as happy as the mainstream media wants you to believe.

Kylee Zempel on The Federalist documented similar instances that show Americans’ contempt with Joe Biden and his administration. “Outside a home near Gilmanton, New Hampshire, a rural area just 20 minutes or so from the capital city of Concord, is a political sign by the side of the road. It’s less of a sign, actually, and more of a whole handcrafted scene.” writes Zempel

“Up top in their own frame, a posse of “socialist” handlers are positioned, each holding a string connected to a limp and befuddled character below them. It’s President Joe Biden, of course, emasculated behind a surgical face covering. He’s their puppet.” Zempel adds

Another instance documented by Zempel was at a golf tournament at Lake Michigan. “tens of thousands of fans gathered to watch the biennial Ryder Cup, a much-anticipated golf competition between teams from Europe and the United States, where videos captured by attendees show chants of “F-CK Joe Biden” rising from the crowd.”

Not just limited to college football and golf tournaments, at a Luke Bryan concert, a baseball event in Ohio, fans were observed chanting similar “F**k Joe Biden” to show disapproval with the administration.

Another similar chant broke out in the deep blue New York City where people were protesting mayor de Blasio’s vaccine mandate and chanting “F**k Joe Biden and de Blasio!”

All these chants at various college football events and other protests along with constantly declining poll numbers for the administration are an indication of how popular the “most voted president in US history” is in real life.

What do you make of all these chants and contempt for the Biden Administration? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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