Former Obama Staffer Believes Unvaccinated People “Need Something To Be Taken Away From Them” To Force Vaccination

As reported by The Daily Wire, “A former Obama administration official has said that police officers should lose their pensions if they do not receive the COVID-19 vaccination because unvaccinated people need “something to be taken away from them” if they won’t “adult up.” The separation of Americans into a two-tiered society of “vaccinated” vs. “unvaccinated” is “essentially how our society is being structured,” she said.

The former official also called former President Donald Trump “the leader of a terrorist organization.”

Juliette Kayyem, a former Department of Homeland Security official, explained her controversial views on Tuesday night’s episode of “Don Lemon Tonight.”

“The reason why … people have become more comfortable with [vaccination] mandates is because the unvaccinated listening to this false news basically just needed a push, a nudge, something to be taken away from them, and then they sort of weighed that faulty information against the desire to keep their jobs — or in the case of state police, their desire to keep their pension,” she said.

A survey by the San Diego Police Officers Association this month found that 65% would consider turning in their badges if the city required them to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, and 45% would risk being fired.

The litany of smug and, let’s call it, “unpleasant”, comments from Kayyem runs deep.

Kayyem had previously tweeted, snidely, that “If police officers quit they lose their pensions. They also aren’t likely to get hired by private sector which is requiring vaccines. These polls suggesting massive exodus in light of vaccination rules are rubbish. Call their bluff. They serve to protect public. Time to adult up.”

The aforementioned caste system that seems to be developing, both in law and in culture, of separating the vaccinated form the unvaccinated is giving public figures such as Kayyem carte blanche to make disgusting, self-serving, virtue signaling comments and it seems it’s only going to get worse.

What is needed here is a return to common sense thinking as well as a revivification of respect for bodily autonomy as well as the freedom of the individual to make medical choices on their own behalf with no fear of bullying or being “mandated” out of their ability to do so.

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