DOZENS OF STATE TROOPERS QUIT Protesting Massachusetts Vax Mandate

Source: JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images

As the Biden administration and several prominent Democrats continue to enforce unconstitutional and tyrannical vaccine mandate laws across the country, people from both the public and private sectors continue to show strong opposition against these laws.

One such prominent situation comes from Massachusetts as a police union announced this week that over a dozen state troopers are now resigning in protest of vaccine mandate for state government employees.

“To date, dozens of troopers have already submitted their resignation paperwork, some of whom plan to return to other departments offering reasonable alternatives such as mask wearing and regular testing,” Michael Cherven, the president of the State Police Association of Massachusetts, said in a statement.

This union had protested this law in court which represented over 1800 law enforcement officers who disapproved of the state’s mandate law. But unfortunately, Judge Jackie Cowin did not side with the union and fined them instead.

Massachusetts Republican Governor Charlie Baker signed this mandate via executive order that requires state employees to be vaccinated and show proof of vaccination by October 17th.

“Throughout COVID, we have been on the front lines protecting the citizens of Massachusetts and beyond. Simply put, all we are asking for are the same basic accommodations that countless other departments have provided to their first responders, and to treat a COVID related illness as a line of duty injury,” Cherven said.

Many Republican voters who supported Cherven are upset by his leftist policies.

Massachusetts is already short-staffed of State Troopers and other law enforcement officials and laws like these are not helping to solve the crisis at all. “The State Police are already critically short-staffed and acknowledged this by the unprecedented moves which took troopers from specialty units that investigate homicides, terrorism, computer crimes, arsons, gangs, narcotics, and human trafficking, and returned them to uniformed patrol,” the union said.

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