“Biden Is Falling”; Former Clinton Advisor Thinks Biden Voters Want Trump Back

Dick Morris, former Clinton advisor and the man who foisted the political strategy that has come to be known as “triangulation” on Bill Clinton, has some good news for Donald Trump.

While being interviewed on John Catsimatidis’ “The Cat’s Roundtable”, Morris discussed a recent poll showing a drop in Biden’s popularity and thinks it might mean that voters want Trump back as President.

As ConservativeBrief.com reports, “Biden is falling because … his senility, his weakness, his inability to lead strongly, are in sharp contrast to President Trump’s record and his persona.,” Morris said.

“Voters who disliked Trump… are now [comparing] Trump’s negatives with Biden’s negatives and they don’t appear so bad after all. When you look at Afghanistan… COVID, the Haitians … the border, we could use a little more of Donald Trump’s … leadership … Biden’s weakness is framing Trump’s personality and people are coming back saying it wasn’t so bad [under Trump],” he continued.

Morris added: “American presidents are a little bit like British prime ministers, who have to survive a vote of confidence in Parliament … [In America] as the president’s ratings drop, their power drops.… Democrat officials stop being intimidated into following Biden … They begin to think for themselves. Even Democratic congressmen are showing some guts.”

Back in July, Morris said it was “obvious” that Donald Trump will win in 2024.

In a video posted to his website, Morris said the Republican nominee in 2024 is named Trump and no one else can come close to touching him.

“If Donald Trump runs, and I’m pretty certain that he will, he is going to win the Republican nomination, period,” Morris said.

“He survived two impeachments, and his company now is about to survive an indictment, and God knows what else they have in store for him,” he said.

“But even if he is literally in jail, he will be able to win the Republican nomination,” he added.

“You’ll see it in the primaries of ’22, where all of the candidates he endorses will win the Republican primaries,” he said. “And you see it already in the fawning and scraping going on by so-called ‘moderate’ Republicans to beg Trump for forgiveness and for his endorsement so they can survive their primaries.”

“The Democratic Party is so destroying itself, is so self-destructive, and Biden is doing such a terrible job as president that there is no way that the Democrats are going to win in 2024,” Morris said. “It doesn’t matter who the Republican candidate is, he’s gonna win.”

“It’s obvious to everybody,” he said. “And it’s obvious to everybody that Biden’s policies have caused that, and they’re not going to solve them.

“I believe this election is basically, is almost preordained at this point,” he added.

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