New York Governor Hochul Will Fire Medical Workers Who Refuse To Take The Vaccine

With disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo’s departure, it doesn’t seem to mean salvation for the people of New York as much as it amounts to a simple regime change.

New Governor Kathy Hochul is willing to create a health care worker shortage in an already fledgling industry by stating that “will deploy medically trained National Guard troops to replace unvaccinated healthcare workers in hospitals, who will be fired tonight”. reports that “We’re taking all the steps preemptively in anticipation of what I call a preventable staffing shortage – still preventable, enough hours in a day,” Hochul said at a press conference in the Bronx. “I don’t have to do this if people will get vaccinated, there’s plenty of hours left in the day, but I also know I need to be prepared.”

“The directive will give the governor emergency powers to hire National Guard officers with medical training, retired healthcare workers whose licenses may have lapsed, and staff from outside New York to offset those workers who lose their job due to refusing to get vaccinated,” AM NY reported.

“We’ve sent out the alarm, we have a pool of individuals who want to help,” Hochul said. “I would have much rather just been voluntary, but if I have to take steps to protect the people in terms of making sure I have replacements if necessary, I need to take those steps now and that executive order will do just that.”

Governor Hochul, the replacement for resigned governor Andrew Cuomo, visited a Rochester hospital on Wednesday and delivered the message that healthcare workers who do not abide by the vaccine mandate by the Sept. 27 deadline are ‘replaceable.’

“To all the healthcare providers, doctors and nurses in particular who are vaccinated, I say thank you. Because you are keeping true to your oath,” she said. “To those who won’t, we will be replacing people,” she added.

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