KENNEDY ON BIDEN WH: ‘Pink-Haired Wokers Who Don’t Know Their Ass from Their Elbow’

Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy hilariously roasted the Biden Administration and their failed border policies during an appearance on Fox News Show Hannity

He also commented on Biden’s handlers who are allegedly making decisions on behalf of the incompetent president and are causing the disaster that we are experiencing at the southern border

“Sean, I can’t think of a single presidential administration that has broken more plates in its first nine months than the Biden administration. I mean, think about it, you were talking about it earlier — Afghanistan, inflation, crime, critical race theory, gas prices, the destruction of America’s energy independence.” He said

The Biden Administration is proven to be incompetent with its massive failures in the Afghanistan withdrawal, leaving billions worth of military equipment and Americans behind, caused massive inflation with enormous spending bills and unnecessary stimulus checks, caused massive hike to gas prices by shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline, and more just in its 9 months.

“And yet, of all of the president screw-ups, there’s not a single one greater than the crisis at the border, and it is a crisis. This year, over 2 million people will come into this country illegally, and we don’t have the slightest idea who they are. Now, I think it’s worth asking why?

And to me, there are only one or two possible explanations. The first is incompetence. It may be that the president has put in charge of his immigration policy a bunch of pink-haired workers who don’t know their ass from their elbow. I use ass in the King James Bible sense.” He added.

Senator Kennedy’s hilarious roast style is very popular and he has made similar comments causing a liberal outcry on Twitter.

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