Alabama And 10 Other States Support Florida’s “Free Speech” Law


Alabama has now officially joined Florida’s fight against Big-Tech. Now it’s the 11th state to stand with Florida in support of the first amendment.

Florida’s law S.B. 7072 allows its citizens to sue Big-Tech platforms if they are unfairly censored or suppressed.

Alabama’s attorney general, Steve Marshall, announced this week that the state is now officially joining 10 other states, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina, and Texas to support Florida fight Big-Tech’s tyrannical censorship of its citizens.

“For daring to protect her citizens’ freedom of speech, Florida is being demonized by the giants of Big Tech, which have the gall to claim that invalidating the Sunshine State’s anti-censorship law is necessary ‘to protect Florida consumers, small businesses, and free speech,'” AG Marshall said.

“Alabama is keenly aware of the menace of Big Tech censorship, and has recently launched — along with the State of Louisiana — a ‘Social Media Censorship Complaint Form’ that allows members of the public to file a formal complaint if they have been censored on social media.” He added.

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis had signed this bill back in May. A federal judge in June had temporally prevented the law from being enforced claiming that it “violates the first amendment”

This law received widespread support from conservatives and Republicans especially after Twitter and other big-tech “platforms” had banned then sitting President Donald Trump. Big-Tech’s tyrannical corruption was especially seen when they banned The New York Post, a publication founded by one of the founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton back in 1801. The New York Post had obtained exclusive emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop that most mainstream media outlets dismissed as “Russian Disinformation” to protect then-presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Big-Tech platforms received heavy criticism from both sides for banning the NY Post and censoring a critical story about a presidential candidate.

What do you think of Alabama joining 10 other states to support this Florida law? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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