“No Longer Be Using Horses In Del Rio”; Biden Bans Officials From Using Horses For Border Security

It was announced earlier today “… Department of Homeland Security has decided to stop the use of Border Patrol units on horseback in Del Rio after several disturbing images surfaced online of mounted agents aggressively herding migrants, CBS News reports.  Press Secretary Jen Psaki made the announcement Thursday morning during a press briefing stating, “We will no longer be using horses in Del Rio…that is a policy change that has been made in response.”

According to Breitbart, “Psaki cited the ban as proof that the president was upset by the images, after members of Congress and activists voiced their outrage that these tactics were happening during Biden’s presidency.

Psaki defended Biden for failing to publicly condemn the images. “His actions make clear how horrible and horrific he thinks these things are,” she said

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) called the incident “worse than slavery.”

Veteran fulminator Rashida Tlaib tweeted that “This is so sick and @CBP will continue to commit human rights abuses if we don’t stop it now. Cracking a fucking whip on Haitians fleeing hardship shows you that this system simply can’t be reformed. @OversightDems + @HouseJudiciary should hold hearings immediately + act.”

The NAACP tweeted a side-by-side image of a slave on the left and Haitian on the right stating, “These images although centuries apart still seem to represent the worst of America’s capacity for humanity. @Potus if the plan is to #BuildBackBetter step 1 must be tearing down a foundation of oppressive practices.

As FoxNews reports, “Vice President Kamala Harris said she supported an investigation and was “deeply troubled” by the allegations.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer decried “images of inhumane treatment of Haitian migrants by Border Patrol—including the use of whips.”

The agents involved have since been moved to administrative duty.

The narrative that the agents used “whips” has continued to gather steam among activists and left-wing Democrats, who have then infused a racial narrative into the mix, given that the Haitians are Black.”

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