CANCEL TRUDEAU: Previously unseen photo of Justin Trudeau in BLACKFACE emerges on eve of election

A new photo of current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in blackface has surfaced on the eve of federal elections Trudeau had called, which took place on September 20th.

The photo was released on Sunday by Canada Proud, a conservative-leaning advocacy group, which shows him in a turban and robe with his tongue sticking out. The photo appears to be from “Arabian Nights” themed event which occurred in 2001, which also appears in the yearbook of West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver where Trudeau was a drama teacher at the time (The Post Millennial).

Trudeau was 29 at the time. The image serves to slam the Liberal Prime Minister in the wake of him trying to secure a Liberal leaning majority in government. The Prime Minister has a record of images where he was in blackface. The first images of blackface emerging back in 2019 and prompted both outrage and an apology from Trudeau.

This has caused national embarrassment to Canada with many critics branding him as a ‘clown’. Trudeau has not yet commented on the photo but a Liberal campaign official called it a desperate attempt to smear Trudeau on the eve of the election. 

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