Rep. AOC ABSOLUTELY SLANDERED after wearing HYPOCRITICAL ‘Tax the Rich’ dress to Met Gala

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) wore a “Tax the Rich” dress to the 2021 Met Gala. 

Mask-less and Socialist AOC showed up to the Met Gala with a couture “Tax the Rich” dress to the elite bash, where tickets cost at least $30,000 and purchase of a table is $275,000. She told Vogue at the event that “The Met Gala is seen as elite and inaccessible… As a working-class woman, I wanted to enjoy the event but also break the fourth wall and challenge the industry.”

However, AOC was slammed for supporting the event and some claimed she just wanted the limelight but also make a political protest in the process (DailyMail).

Online critics such as Donald Trump Jr. blasted on Twitter stating “What makes @AOC the biggest fraud: The ‘tax the rich’ dress while she’s hanging out with a bunch of wealthy leftwing elites or the lack of masks after spending the past 18 months as one of the biggest authoritarian mask Karens in the country?”

Podcaster CJ Pearson tweeted “she understands irony almost as well as she does economics.” AOC allegedly did not pay for her ticket and it is unknown as to who invited her to the gala. 

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