MORE NARRATIVES: Colorado Attorney General announces investigation into Aurora police ‘concluded’ department is ‘racially biased’

Attorney General Phil Weiser announced September 15th that a Colorado Department of Law investigation team found that the Aurora Police Department has been known to violate state and federal law through racial bias and excessive force.

The Colorado Office of the Attorney General website also reported that the investigation found that Aurora Fire had a habit of administering ketamine, violating the law. Weiser said in a statement, “In this case, our team conducted a thorough examination – with the aid of the full cooperation of the city of Aurora – and developed important findings on how Aurora can come into compliance with the law an elevate the effectiveness and trustworthiness of law enforcement.”

Investigators discovered that the police had used force against people of color 2.5 times more than whites based on relative presentation in the population. Nearly half of those whom the police used force against were black, with black residents consisting of roughly 15% of the Aurora population. 

Meanwhile, Aurora Fire ceased all use of ketamine starting September 14th, 2020. Records show that ketamine was administered 22 times from January 2019 to January 2020 for excited delirium. With these incidents, it was shown that in more than half, paramedics failed to follow proper protocols or administered the ketamine at a dose higher than the maximum.

The Department of Law announced they would be requiring specific changes, including changes to policies, training, record keeping, and hiring. “We want Aurora to succeed in these improvements and strongly believe that an agreement provides the best way to do so,” Weiser said.

Weiser added: “Over the coming weeks, we look forward to working with Aurora and other stakeholders to create a consent decree that ensures these requirements are implemented promptly. We are encouraged by the city of Aurora’s interest in working with us to do so.” There was full cooperation between the Aurora Police Department, the Aurora Fire Rescue, and the city of Aurora.  

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