“Missing White Woman Syndrome”; Joy Reid Doesn’t Seem To Care About Gabby Petito

A delightful woman who goes by the extremely ironic name of “Joy” has shown us conservatives just how tolerant and loving the left can be.

The creepy cultural charge against being white in America seems to be a rotating chair of leaders. The typical repertory of race-baiters such as Ibram Kendi, Malcolm Nance, Robin DiAngelo and others are happy to pass the torch of racism in the name of anti-racism (how morally confused can one be?) to one another.

The latest player in the absurdly named “anti” racist act comes in the form of television personality Joy Reid.

As TrendingPolitics.com reports, While discussing the heartbreaking death of Gabby Petito – who likely was murdered by her psychotic boyfriend – Joy Reid brushed off the tragic news and lamented the fact that the media is covering another story about a “missing white woman”.

Reid didn’t once offer condolences or even seem bothered by the news. She spent about 45 seconds “reporting” the story and then launched into an anti-white rant that likely made her MSNBC executives very proud. Reid then interviewed two other anti-white racists to talk about how the media “doesn’t care” about missing black people.

In short, “yeah this death was bad…but what about people of color?”. Yes, really.

That last sentence makes the inherent evils of identity politics clear. In a previous article that took the form of an opinion piece for The Raging Patriot, we wrote that the “… moral confusion of judging and reasoning from one’s immutable characteristics, I think shows a rather low and parochial mode of thought which acts as an antidote to reasoning and critical thinking.”

Hatred in the name of hating hatred doesn’t seem to be a proper bulwark against the proliferation of hate. Could this be an incorrect assumption?

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