Federal Judge Extends NY Ban On Ordering Medical Workers To Either Get Vaccinated Or Get Fired

It was announced on Tuesday that a federal judge will extend a ban on New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s mandate that any and all healthcare workers in the entire state of New York need to either get their vaccinations or face termination.

According to The Daily Wire, “The restraining order was pushed back another two weeks; now health care and long term care employees in the state seeking a religious exemption can remain unvaccinated until at least October 12, and keep their jobs. “Breaking: federal judge extends the temporary ban on the NYS vaccine mandate for health care industry workers claiming a religious exemption until October 12th,” News 10 NBC reporter Berkeley Brean said Tuesday. “Then the order could turn into a preliminary injunction.”

Brean went on to tweet a video that explains that if the order turns into a preliminary injunction, those seeking a religious exemption to the vaccine in NY will be allowed the exemption for as long as the case pends.

The article went on to report that as highlighted by The Daily Wire, a group of health care workers represented by the Thomas More Society sued the state arguing their Constitutional rights were violated when the state’s issued a vaccination mandate barring religious exemptions.

The stiff arm of the Judge is holding this draconian mandate at bay for now. However, it seems that all too many Americans are all too happy to give up that which is most important… their freedom and liberty.

When the great dramas of history are written, it has been and always will be shown that at no time in the lifespan of the human race have the people forcing others into compliance been the good guys. Bear that in mind.

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