BREAKING: Tennessee mayor says county WILL NOT COMPLY with President Biden’s employer vaccine mandate

Knoxville Mayor Glenn Jacobs has defied the recent executive order issued by President Biden, which mandates that any employer having more than 100 employees must mandate vaccinations or require weekly covid-19 testing procedures.

Mayor Jacobs has stated over his online YouTube videos that the President is “overstepping his constitutional authority” and “This pandemic has absolutely been politized.” The Mayor continues to fight back through his local power and spreading his stance on the official Mayoral website.

Mayor Jacobs also sent a letter to the President stating his opposition “Knox County will not comply with your mandate.” Jacobs’ also added “Finally, as an America, I am appalled by your statement: “This is not about freedom or personal choice.” On the Contrary, in America, it is always about freedom.”

The recent executive order faces tremendous backsplash from many officials on both sides of the aisle who are calling this “unconstitutional” while some individuals are promising victory in the courts against the President and the most recent vaccination mandates issued by means of Executive orders. Attorney General of Arizona Mark Brnovich is the first to announce a lawsuit against the President’s orders. 

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