Trump Attacks “Dumbo” General Milley Over His Promises To Warn China Of Any American Attacks

The legendary vitriol of former President Donald Trump was in full force as he issued what has to be described (sometimes one simply cannot avoid the curse of the cliche) as a “blistering” and “scathing” attack on the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and United States Army General Mark Milley after he appeared to commit treason by promising to warn China if the United States were ever to attack.

As reports, “After many years of allowing China to rip off the United States on trade and so much else, I was very tough on China, by far the toughest of any U.S. President in history. During my administration, China paid us hundreds of billions of dollars and finally respected the U.S. again. Before me, they never gave us “ten cents,” Trump blasted.

The former president then turned his attention to Milley’s phone call with the Chinese military where he pledged to warn them of any potential military strikes from the U.S.

“For Lightweight General Mark Milley to have called the Chinese to “bring down the temperature” of my negotiations with them, negotiations that were having a major positive impact on large-scale benefits to the United States, is outrageous. We were not going to make any Military moves—never even thought of it, but we were hitting them so hard in all other ways,” Trump said.

“‘Dumbo’ Milley inserted himself right in the middle of my trade negotiation, and if he did what is reported, he would have had a profound negative effect on those negotiations,” Trump said. “Milley is an idiot with no common sense or ability to negotiate—that’s why he left $85 Billion of the World’s best Military equipment in the hands of the Taliban for no reason whatsoever. That’s also why 13 young Warriors are not with their families tonight.”

Read the whole statement, compliments of Liz Harrington here!

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