GO and VOTE but don’t DARE to vote FOR FREEDOM!

Mann wirft Stimmzettel in Wahlurne

The race to motivate these people to vote who have decided years ago that their votes don’t count and their voices aren’t heard. Then the race to get the undecided voters is in as well. People who don’t know which party they should vote for that are breaking their promises this time. Besides no party has a real program it can be identified as a self standing party. There are just two parties that so much defamation by the other parties or institutions. Voting the “Alternative for Germany” or “The Basis” is becoming more and more a test of courage on September 26th. If you want a change in German and European politics then these two parties are the only option but around 20% don’t trust our democracy and the outcomes of the elections anymore. Merkel has been a high ranking member of the SED when Germany was still divided and at the moment it seems that East Germany has overtaken whole Germany. The AfD needs to win in a landslide to prove that the German Elections are a huge fraud. 4 years ago, I witnessed that there were pencils to make your cross and I was mad but the responsible person told me that these are absolutely fine for elections. You are supposed to write your exams with something else because of possible fraud but it is fine to vote with them.

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